Two underground mines totaling 2400 hectares in Beyağaç county of Denizli,

An underground mine of 350 hectares in Mihalıcçık county of Eskişehir,

An underground mine of 837 hectares  in Develi county of Kayseri.

In addition, reserve development works continue on a 400 hectare area in Tosya county of Kastamonu. 

  1. Denizli Beyağaç Chromium Operation


    2 separate mines are being operated using underground production methods in our 2400-hectare chrome field.

    Production and R&D works (underground and aboveground probing) are conducted simultaneously.

    The prospecting works, conducted by the R&D team established within our company, indicate that the reserves in the planned 3rd and 4th locations for pits are suitable for operation.

  2. Eskişehir Mihalıççık Chromium Operation

    High (42-44% Cr2O3), medium and low (12-30% Cr2O3) chrome and magnesite reserves have been located in our 350-hectare licensed field which is in Mihalıcçık region in Eskişehir.

    A production of 2500 tons will be achieved using underground production methods, by the end of 2015.

  3. Kayseri Manganese Operatio

    Our Manganese operation in Kayseri province Develi district became operational in early 2014. As a result of the demand in Turkish manganese in global markets, we are conducting both production and reserve development activities in our site.

  4. Kastamonu Manganese Operation

    Our licensed Manganese operation in Kastamonu province Tosya district reserve development activities is ongoing.