Concentrated ore, which we have been producing since February 2015, is being outsourced from an enrichment facility located close to our company.

We have commenced our investment for the planned enrichment facility, thus purchased fields at 20km distance to our pits in Denizli – Beyağaç region.

A monthly 6000 tons of run-of-mine ore feeding and 2500 tons of concentrated (48% Cr2O3) ore production is planned for our enrichment facility, which will commence production in 2016. However, an expandable and modern enrichment facility, which is suitable for easy and fast integration, has been designed for increasing demand in future.
• Extendable when necessary, with regard to increasing demands and needs,

• Customer oriented, exclusive and recipe-specific production,

• Ensuring stable, controlled, timely and high quality production,


Based on its location, in which;

• No production setbacks experienced as to weather conditions,

• Preferred for its central location, and

• Struggling with strength and flexibility among competing prices